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Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Structural Myocardial Alterations by Grating- Based Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography

Notohamiprodjo, S., Webber, N., Birnbacher, L., Willner, M., Viermetz, M., Herzen, J., Marschner, M., Mayr, D., Bartsch, H., Saam, T., Auweter, S., Pfeiffer, F., Reiser, M. F. and Hetterich, H., Investigative radiology, 53(1), pp. 26–34 (2017)....[more]


X-ray Dark-field Radiography - In-Vivo Diagnosis of Lung Cancer in Mice

Scherer, K., Yaroshenko, A., Bölükbas, D. A., Gromann, L. B., Hellbach, K., Meinel, F. G., Braunagel, M., Berg, J. von, Eickelberg, O., Reiser, M. F., Pfeiffer, F., Meiners, S. and Herzen, J. Scientic Reports 1–9 (2017)....[more]


In-vivo X-ray Dark-Field Chest Radiography of a Pig

Gromann, L. B., De Marco, F., Willer, K., Noël, P. B., Scherer, K., Renger, B., Gleich, B., Achterhold, K., …, Pfeiffer, F. and Herzen, J. ‘In-vivo X-ray Dark-Field Chest Radiography of a Pig.’, Scientific Reports 7(1), 134–7 (2017)....[more]


Qualitative and Quantitative Imaging Evaluation of Renal Cell Carcinoma Subtypes with Grating-based X-ray Phase-contrast CT

Braunagel, M., Birnbacher, L., Willner, M., Marschner, M., De Marco, F., Viermetz, M., Notohamiprodjo, S., Hellbach, K., Auweter, S., Link, V., Woischke, C., Reiser, M. F., Pfeiffer, F., Notohamiprodjo, M. and Herzen, J. Scientific reports. 7, p. 45400 (2017)....[more]


AHA classification of coronary and carotid atherosclerotic plaques by grating-based phase-contrast computed tomography

Hetterich, H., Webber, N., Willner, M., Herzen, J., Birnbacher, L., Hipp, A., Marschner, M., Auweter, S. D., Habbel, C., Schüller, U., Bamberg, F., Ertl-Wagner, B., Pfeiffer, F. and Saam, T. European Radiology 26(9), pp. 3223–3233 (2015). ...[more]


Helical X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography without phase stepping

Marschner, M., Willner, M., Potdevin, G., Fehringer, A., Noël, P. B., Pfeiffer, F. and Herzen, J. Scientific reports 6, p. 23953 (2016). [] Purpose: The presented work is based on moiré fringe scanning, which allows fast data acquisition...[more]


Experimental Realisation of High-sensitivity Laboratory X-ray Grating-based Phase-contrast Computed Tomography

Birnbacher, L., Willner, M., Velroyen, A., Marschner, M., Hipp, A., Meiser, J., Koch, F., Schröter, T., Kunka, D., Mohr, J., Pfeiffer, F. and Herzen, J. Scientific reports 6, p. 24022 (2016). [] Purpose: In this work, we present our laboratory...[more]


Improved visualization of breast cancer features in multifocal carcinoma using phase-contrast and dark-field mammography: an ex vivo study

Grandl, S., Scherer, K., Sztrókay-Gaul, A., Birnbacher, L., Willer, K., Chabior, M., Herzen, J., Mayr, D., Auweter, S. D., Pfeiffer, F., Bamberg, F. and Hellerhoff, K. European Radiology 25(12), pp. 3659–3668 (2015). ...[more]


Simulated Cystic Renal Lesions: Quantitative X-ray Phase-Contrast CT—An in Vitro Phantom Study

Fingerle, A. A., Willner, M., Herzen, J., Münzel, D., Hahn, D., Rummeny, E. J., Noël, P. B. and Pfeiffer, F. Radiology 272(3), pp. 739–748 (2014). [] Purpose: To determine if grating-based x-ray phase-contrast computed tomography...[more]


Phase-Contrast CT: Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Atherosclerotic Carotid Artery Plaque

Hetterich, H., Willner, M., Fill, S., Herzen, J., Bamberg, F., Hipp, A., Schüller, U., Adam-Neumair, S., Wirth, S., Reiser, M., Pfeiffer, F. and Saam, T. Radiology 271(3), pp. 870–878 (2014). [] Purpose: To evaluate the potential of...[more]

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