Protein pumps electrons

(Christoph Hohmann)

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Self-assembled Nanorotators

The central three-winged unit undergoes concerted rotational motion after it self-assembled itself in the hexagonal metal-organic nanopore
Rotational and constitutional dynamics of caged supramolecules


Principle of constant current imaging of the smallest “UBC” ever written
The positioning of the individual CO molecules on the Cu(111) surface was accomplished by lateral manipulation in the so-called “pushing” mode..

CFI Movie

Development of an artificial molecular nanostructure
To acknowledge our main sponsor during the time at UBC, we again manipulated carbon monoxide on Cu(111), but this time we recorded the process all the way.

Fast scanning tunneling microscopy

Conformationally adapted porphyrins on Cu(111)
The unidirectional motion of the porphyrins increases dramatically after a dimer formation.

Adatom diffusion in biomolecular trenches
Confined cobalt adatoms diffusiong in between self-assembled L-methionine nanostructures on Ag(111) at 16K and 18K
Phys. Review B 78, 035424, 2008, {pdf}

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