Welcome to the Research Group Biomedical Imaging Physics

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Julia Herzen

Email: Julia.Herzen@tum.de
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We develop novel X-ray imaging methods using highly brilliant synchrotron radiation and conventional laboratory X-ray sources. We mainly focus on quantitative multi-modal approaches combining spectral and phase-contrast imaging. Currently, we are aiming at applying these methods for improved breast cancer detection and for quantitative 3D virtual histology of human tissue.

Most recent publications:

  • Heck, Lisa; Herzen, Julia: Recent advances in X-ray imaging of breast tissue: From two- to three-dimensional imaging. Physica Medica 79, 2020, 69-79 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • Umkehrer, Stephan; Morrone, Carmela; Dinkel, Julien; Aigner, Laura; Reiser, Maximilian F.; Herzen, Julia; Yildirim, Ali Ö.; Pfeiffer, Franz; Hellbach, Katharina: A proof-of principal study using phase-contrast imaging for the detection of large airway pathologies after lung transplantation. Scientific Reports 10 (1), 2020 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • Scholz, Josef; Birnbacher, Lorenz; Petrich, Christian; Riedel, Mirko; Heck, Lisa; Gkoumas, Spyridon; Sellerer, Thorsten; Achterhold, Klaus; Herzen, Julia: Biomedical x-ray imaging with a GaAs photon-counting detector: A comparative study. APL Photonics 5 (10), 2020, 106108 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • Beck, Stefanie; Sellerer, Thorsten; Mechlem, Korbinian; Bodden, Jannis; Meurer, Felix; Sauter, Andreas; Herzen, Julia; Pfeiffer, Franz; Pfeiffer, Daniela: Photon-counting spectral basis component material decomposition for musculoskeletal radiographs. Scientific Reports 10 (1), 2020 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • Taphorn, Kirsten; De Marco, Fabio; Andrejewski, Jana; Sellerer, Thorsten; Pfeiffer, Franz; Herzen, Julia: Grating-based spectral X-ray dark-field imaging for correlation with structural size measures. Scientific Reports 10, 2020 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )