Research Highlights

Taphorn, K., Mechlem, K., Sellerer, T., De Marco, F., Viermetz, M., Pfeiffer, F., Pfeiffer, D. and Herzen, J. Direct differentiation of pathological changes in the human lung parenchyma with grating-based spectral X-ray dark-field radiography. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging,... [more]

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Gromann, L. B., De Marco, F., Willer, K., Noël, P. B., Scherer, K., Renger, B., Gleich, B., Achterhold, K., …, Pfeiffer, F. and Herzen, J. ‘In-vivo X-ray Dark-Field Chest Radiography of a Pig.’, Scientific Reports 7(1), 134–7 (2017). [] ... [more]