Dark-field chest x-ray measures up to CT for diagnosing emphysema [more]

December 28 at 5:30 pm, Sat.1 Bayern [more]

Episode Description: Dr. Lauren Kim interviews Dr. Florian Gassert and Theresa Urban. X-ray Dark-Field Chest Imaging: Qualitative and Quantitative Results in Healthy Humans. Gassert and Urban et al. Radiology 2021; 301:389–395. Introduction by Dr. Linda Chu ... [more]

Dark-field X-ray technology improves diagnosis of pulmonary ailments [more]

Franz Pfeiffer, Professor for Biomedical Physics and Director of MIBE, is now member of the German Academy of Science and Engineering acatech. On October 19th 2021, acatech president Jan Wörner officially welcomed Prof. Franz Pfeiffer to the academy. [more]

COVID-19: Inflammation and Molecular Imaging Workshop [more]

Prof. Pfeiffer and Dr. Daniela Pfeiffer will presented in the APS physics Webinar Series on COVID Research and Resources Group a webinar on "X-ray Darkfield Contrast for Improved COVID-19 Detection in Chest X-Rays - Basic Physics & First Clinical Results" Abstract: Diseases of... [more]

Two-part TV report (in German) on TUM's corona research gives insights into the work of MSB Director Franz Pfeiffer on dark field imaging and MSB-PI Nassir Navab on the automatic evaluation of CT images [more]

In the following video, Prof. Pfeiffer explains how dark-field radiography works and how it can benefit the current diagnosis imaging.  Click here -->  Video  [more]

In the podcast, Franz Pfeiffer talks about how X-rays were discovered by chance, what they are used for today and how information from X-ray imaging that has not been used up to now can be made available for clinical applications. [more]