End of September 2021, the 12m long superconducting magnet system of PERC was finally delivered to FRM II. [more]

Precise measurements at the ILL, Grenoble, of the beta asymmetry rule out neutron decay into exotic dark matter particles [more]

Der Exzellenzcluster „Vom Ursprung des Universums bis zu den ersten Bausteinen des Lebens“, kurz ORIGINS Cluster, geht am 1. Januar 2019 an den Start. Das hat heute die Exzellenzkommission unter Leitung der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) entschieden. Der interdisziplinäre Forschungsverbund befasst sich mit dem Aufbau und der Entwicklung des Universums... [more]

Registration now open! [more]

Closing Convention of the DFG Priority Program 1491 -  Precision Experiments in Particle and Astrophysics with Cold and Ultracold Neutrons 30 October - 03 November 2017 Science and Study Center Monastery Raitenhaslach The aim of this Priority Program is to address basic open questions in particle and astrophysics using a specific tool: the neutron, which... [more]

The production of the vacuum system of the 12m long superconducting magnet system for PERC is finished. The photograph shows the system ready for the helium leak tests. The magnetic field of PERC will be mostly aligned with the long axis of the cryostat. In the back the so-called feeder tower can be seen, which will host the many interfaces between the cold... [more]

In the framework of the MIAPP program “Flavour Physics with High Luminosity Experiments”, held Oct. 24th – Nov. 18th in Munich, we organize a satellite-workshop, intended to link the physics of high precision symmetry violation studied with light and with heavy flavor particles. The workshop will take place November 7th - 8th in Munich. The LHC and the... [more]