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Archived: Physical Principles in Biological Systems

Lecture(from 18.10 to 09.02)

  • Tuesday 14:15-15:45 PH 3344
  • Thursday 14:15-15:45 PH 3344

Seminar(from 20.10)

  • Thursday 16:00-17:30 PH3343



Lecture Seminar
Oral exam at the end.  Imanent examination character.


Preliminary Content:

  • Basic 'problems' that need to be solved by living systems, e.g.
    • Growth and replication (issues: timing, coordination, accuracy)
    • Obtaining energy and material for growth and maintenance (transport and metabolism);
    • Responding to changes in environment (signaling, regulation, adaption, stress response)
    • Exploring the environment (e.g. chemotaxis)
    • Having to deal with fluctuations and noise (issue: robustness)
  • Population dynamics (coexistence vs. extinction)
  • Evolution (error threshold, evovability)





Further Ressources:



Seminar Presentations: